Polyhedron – PRISM™ desktop application

Polyhedron is a small desktop application for the performance of PRISM™ (Pictorial Representation of Illness and Self Measure) tests.

PRISM™ is "a reliable, valid and economical measuring instrument" [1]. Put in a nutshell, the test consists in presenting a subject a landscape A4 sized white board representing the subject's life with a yellow 7 cm diameter disk representing the subject's "self" in the bottom right corner and then asking the subject to place 5 cm diameter disks representing different health related factors on the board at which the positioning relative to the “self” disk should reflect a personal weighting of the importance. The distances between the center of the "self" disk and other disks range between 0 and 27 cm (the so-called self-illness separation (SIS).

So far, PRISM™ tests were usually conducted either with real boards or a web application, both of which are available from the PRISM™ cooperation. Polyhedron is developed as a complementary alternative to the web application striving to be independent of network access, easy to distribute, install and use.

Note that Polyhedron is not affiliated with the PRISM™ cooperation and that according to the PRISM™ cooperation website any reproduction or usage of PRISM™ for commercial use is prohibited.

[1] Büchi S, Sensky T, Sharpe L, Timberlake N (1998) Graphic representation of illness: A novel method of measuring patient’s perceptions of the impact of illness. Psychother Psychosom 67:222-225